Welcome to C I C I L E U

It all started in Puglia, the tip of the heel of the boot of Italy, one of the regions with the most unique artisanal creations in the country. Once a bustling area of handmade manufacture, it began to shrink when standardised production was introduced. Fast forward to today, new generations see no valuable opportunities from their family’s past and decide to embrace other career options, resulting in craftsmen and women becoming an endangered species and their art becoming rare treasures. 

C I C I L E U, co-founded by globetrotting Apulian Martina Pinto Bonomo, was born from the desire to empower generations of artisanal excellence by shining light on the invaluable treasure that is tradition.

We are honoured to tell a story about soulful objects, hoping to revive the preciousness of Artisans, allowing them to continue to breathe life into their cherished artistry.

The Future lies within the Past's roots.